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The Odyssey 2023 Europe May 07—Jun 23 €13400
Magical Madagascar 2023 Africa May 16—Jun 23 €8900
Trans-Europa 2023 Europe Jul 15—Sep 24 €18900
Silk Route 2023 Asia Jul 30—Sep 29 US$16900
Mountains & Meadows
Almaty to Osh Jul 30—Aug 10 US$4500
Golden Road
Osh to Khiva Aug 12—Aug 28 US$6500
Across the Caucasus
Tbilisi to Erzurum Sep 02—Sep 14 US$5100
Hills of Anatolia
Erzurum to Istanbul Sep 16—Sep 29 US$5100
Trans-Himalaya 2023 Asia Aug 20—Oct 08 US$13900
Land of the Monks
Leh to Shimla Aug 20—Sep 11 US$8400
Heavenly Hill Stations
Shimla to Kathmandu Sep 14—Oct 08 US$9100
Ruta Maya 2023 North America Nov 05—Dec 16 US$11900
Into the Jungle
San Jose to Antigua Nov 05—Nov 27 US$8100
Ancient Cities
Antigua to Tulum Nov 29—Dec 16 US$6400
Trans-Caucasus 2024 Asia May 05—Jun 11 US$11200
Crossroads of Continents
Yereven to Kars May 05—May 23 US$7200
The Road to Istanbul
Kars to Istanbul May 25—Jun 11 US$6900
Journey to the East 2024 Asia May 07—Jun 19 US$17900
Land of Morning Calm
Seoul to Busan May 07—May 14 US$4700
Wild Japan
Tokyo to Sapporo Jun 04—Jun 19 US$9000
Pub Ride 2024 Europe May 26—Jun 29 €11900
Pints & Pounds
Dublin to London May 26—Jun 10 €7300
Ales & Abbeys
London to Copenhagen Jun 13—Jun 29 €7700
Orient Express 2024 Europe Jul 07—Aug 26 €14300
Joie de Vivre
Paris to Freiburg Jul 07—Jul 13 €2800
Danube Trail
Freiburg to Budapest Jul 15—Aug 01 €6600
Cycling with Vlad
Budapest to Bucharest Aug 03—Aug 15 €4900
Into the Orient
Bucharest to Istanbul Aug 17—Aug 26 €3800
Viva Italia 2024 Europe Sep 14—Oct 22 €11900
The Roman Provinces
Rome to Cagliari Sep 14—Oct 04 €8400
Giro del Mar
Palermo to Rome Oct 07—Oct 22 €6500
Trans-Oceania 2024 Oceania Sep 30—Dec 15 US$22900
Great Ocean Road
Adelaide to Melbourne (North Geelong) Sep 30—Oct 11 US$5200
Tasmanian Devils & Tigers
Launceston to Devonport Oct 15—Oct 28 US$6000
Wizards of Oz
Melbourne to Sydney Nov 02—Nov 15 US$6000
Maori Magic
Auckland to Wellington Nov 22—Dec 02 US$5300
Kiwi Country
Wellington to Queenstown Dec 04—Dec 15 US$5300
Bamboo Road 2024 Asia Oct 19—Dec 18 TBA
Golden Triangle
Hanoi to Bangkok Oct 19—Nov 18 TBA
Thai One On
Bangkok to Penang Nov 20—Dec 04 TBA
Singapore Sling
Penang to Singapore Dec 06—Dec 18 TBA
Hippie Trail 2025 Asia Jan 29—Mar 07 TBA
Royal Rajasthan Ride
Agra to Udaipur Jan 29—Feb 09 TBA
Temple Caves & City Lights
Udaipur to Mumbai Feb 11—Feb 26 TBA
Konkan Coast
Mumbai to Goa Mar 01—Mar 07 TBA
Olive Route 2025 Europe Apr 27—Jul 03
Athens to Milan Apr 27—May 24
Milan to Bordeaux May 27—Jun 09
Bordeaux to Lisbon Jun 12—Jul 03
Journey to the East 2025 Asia May 07—Jun 19 TBA
Land of Morning Calm
Seoul to Busan May 07—May 14
Land of the Rising Sun
Nagasaki to Tokyo May 18—Jun 01
Wild Japan
Tokyo to Sapporo Jun 04—Jun 19
Magical Madagascar 2025 Africa May 16—Jun 23 TBA
Avenue of the Baobabs
Ifaty to Antananarivo May 16—Jun 08 TBA
Beaches & Lemurs
Antananarivo to Nosy Be Jun 11—Jun 23 TBA
North American Epic 2025 North America Jul 10—Dec 21 TBA
Arctic Spirit
Tuktoyaktuk to Whitehorse Jul 10—Jul 26 TBA
Alaska Highway
Whitehorse to Fort St. John Jul 28—Aug 08 TBA
Fort St. John to Banff Aug 11—Aug 20 TBA
Road to the Sun
Banff to Helena Aug 22—Aug 31 TBA
The Great Divide
Helena to Moab Sep 02—Sep 15 TBA
Moab to Yuma Sep 18—Sep 29 TBA
Baja California
Yuma to Cabo San Lucas Oct 01—Oct 21 TBA
Puerto Vallarta to Mexico City Oct 25—Nov 09 TBA
Mayan Adventure
Mexico City to Antigua Nov 12—Nov 26 TBA
Smoking Volcanoes
Antigua to Granada Nov 29—Dec 07 TBA
Rainforest Recce
Granada to Panama City Dec 09—Dec 21 TBA
Trans-Europa 2025 Europe Jul 15—Sep 24 TBA
Bike the Baltic
Tallinn to Vilnius Jul 15—Jul 22
Amber Route
Vilnius to Budapest Jul 24—Aug 07
Alps and Adriatic
Budapest to Venice Aug 10—Aug 19
Along the Riviera
Venice to Nice Aug 21—Aug 28
Provence and the Costa Brava
Nice to Barcelona Aug 30—Sep 07
El Toro
Barcelona to Gibraltar Sep 10—Sep 24
Trans-Himalaya 2025 Asia Aug 20—Oct 08 TBA
Land of the Monks
Leh to Shimla Aug 20—Sep 11 TBA
Heavenly Hill Stations
Shimla to Kathmandu Sep 14—Oct 08 TBA
Tour d'Afrique Cape to Kili 2025 Africa Aug 30—Nov 03 TBA
Mountains & Dunes
Cape Town to Windhoek Aug 30—Sep 18 TBA
Elephant Highway
Windhoek to Victoria Falls Sep 20—Oct 01 TBA
Zambezi Zone
Victoria Falls to Lilongwe Oct 05—Oct 13 TBA
Green Hills of Africa
Lilongwe to Kilimanjaro (Moshi) Oct 15—Nov 03 TBA
Tour d'Afrique 2026 Africa Jan 11—May 09 US$
Pharaoh's Delight
Cairo to Khartoum Jan 11—Feb 01 US$
The Gorge
Khartoum to Addis Ababa Feb 03—Feb 16 US$
Tribal Lands
Addis Ababa to Nairobi Feb 19—Mar 04 US$
Green Hills of Africa
Nairobi to Lilongwe Mar 06—Mar 26 US$
Zambezi Zone
Lilongwe to Victoria Falls Mar 28—Apr 05 US$
Elephant Highway
Victoria Falls to Windhoek Apr 09—Apr 21 US$
Dunes & Atlantic
Windhoek to Cape Town Apr 23—May 09 US$
The Odyssey 2026 Europe May 03—Jun 19 TBA
Biking the Balkans
Athens to Sarajevo May 03—May 21 TBA
Alpine Adventure
Sarajevo to Munich May 23—Jun 07 TBA
Tilting at Windmills
Munich to Amsterdam Jun 09—Jun 19 TBA
South American Epic 2026 South America Jun 28—Dec 11 TBA
The Undiscovered Country
Cartagena to Bogota Jun 28—Jul 12 TBA
Coffee & Cocoa
Bogota to Quito Jul 15—Aug 30 TBA
Volcano Alley
Quito to Lima Aug 01—Aug 24 TBA
The Gringo Trail
Lima to Cusco Aug 27—Sep 09 TBA
Incan Highlands
Cusco to La Paz Sep 13—Sep 21 TBA
Cycling the Salt Flats
La Paz to Salta Sep 24—Oct 06 TBA
Across the Andes
Salta to Santiago Oct 09—Oct 26 TBA
The Lake District
Santiago to Puerto Montt Oct 29—Nov 12 TBA
Carretera Austral
Puerto Montt to Ushuaia Nov 14—Dec 11 TBA